Dear friends and guests of the Mezzo,

We're closed.

With a heavy heart I decided to sell the mezzo. And we have been closed since August 17 so that the designated successor can rebuild.

When I took over the restaurant from my predecessor over 2 years ago, I thought I could continue the mezzo without too much trouble. But there I was. obviously over- and massively underestimated the work in a restaurant. Ultimately I had to find out that the burden was too high for me and was looking for a successor. The designated buyer wants to continue the restaurant under a new concept and rebuild it beforehand.

In the meantime and of course beyond, we would be happy to welcome you above the roofs. from Darmstadt in the Roof-Top-Bar Upero. There you will not only find several familiar faces in the service and in the kitchen, but an indescribable panorama of the region with great food, Drinks and cocktails every day of the week. You can also visit us at https://upero-skybar.de

With melancholy
Dirk Franz